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Computer Science

Computer science is a discipline that works with processing information in digital computers, and possibly quantum computers in the future. It is the integration of principles and technologies required to collect, store, access, and process information. Computer science focuses on designing algorithms for solving complex problems.

The program of Computer Science is built on a rigorous curriculum of computer science courses and includes a concentration in data science. The program provides a strong foundation in the discipline and includes advanced study in several important areas of computer science.
In order to provide a quality undergraduate degree, the computer science program at UIC aims to develop:

  • Technical competence
    Graduates will apply technical knowledge and skills to develop and implement computer solutions for industry, government, or research area in which they are working. Moreover, they will explore and integrate new technologies.
  • Interpersonal skills
    Graduates will communicate and collaborate with both technical and non-technical people from multiple domains and work as part of teams.
  • Professional awareness
    Graduates will continue to grow intellectually and professionally in their chosen field.

These are the traits we expect our students to accomplish during the first few years following graduation in order for them to succeed in either a career or graduate studies.

To be eligible for enrollment into the Bachelor of Computer Science Degree, the applicant must have completed a high school degree that is recognized by Morocco’s Ministry of Higher Education such as a Baccalaureate from a local or international institution including public and recognized private entities. Admission criteria for this program are based on a comprehensive review of the relative strength of high school grades, test scores, class rank and GPA. Applicants must complete the following:
(A) Evidence of Math Proficiency
(B) Evidence of English Proficiency
Undergraduate applicants require one of the following exams as proof of English proficiency:
UIC’s Language Proficiency Test: minimum level of CEFR B2.1 for Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.
TOEFL score of > 60 or higher (TOEFL iBT); all sub-scores must meet a minimum level of 15
IELTS score of > 5.5 of higher. Speaking and listening: 5.5 or higher, Reading and Writing: 5.0 or higher
(C) Interview
Selected applicants may be invited for an interview with the Admissions Office. The screening tests are completed at the admissions office. The interview, conducted in English by the academic team, focuses on interpersonal skills, motivation, fluency of expression, and the capacity to meet the academic requirements.

Professionel Opportunities :

The careers in Computer Science are challenging and stimulating. Computer science graduates are in high demand and enjoy excellent employment opportunities after graduation. 
Possible career paths include:

  • Application programming
  • Web programming
  • Network management
  • Systems programming and analysis
  • Software development and maintenance.

Academic opportinities :

The graduate from this bachelor have the possibility to access to the 4th year of Engineering Cycle in Computer Engineering at UIC.

The tuition fees at the International University of Casablanca varies between 34,000 and 80,000 dhs per year. Payment of tuition fees can be spread over one, two or three installments depending on your preference.

The Financing Assistance service supports you in implementing the solution best suited to your situation. It presents study financing solutions to you, assists you in completing the forms required by lending organizations and putting together your file.

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